Herzlich willkommen in Los Apus Hotel & Mirador. Schweizer Gastlichkeit und Service für die letzten 16 Jahre bekannt ist.

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Hier finden Sie unsere Besten Sonderpreise verfügbar: http://losapushotel.com/de/reservations

Wenn Sie es billiger woanders finden, bitte schreiben Sir uns ein email hier (mit das Bildschirmphoto): Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! Wir werden ihnen dasselbe geben!!

Plus, wenn Sie Ihr Zimmer hier reservieren, wir werden Ihnen ein kostenlose Stadtrundfahrt bieten mit Führung spanisch oder english mit transport enthalten (Sir brauchen nur die "Boleto Turistico" zu kaufen).



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Highly Recommended


Inmitten einer wunderschönen Umgebung, ergänzt durch eine beeindruckende Kultur, landschaftliche Schönheit und koloniale Eleganz, erwartet Sie das Hotel in Cusco. Das im Dezember 1999 eröffnete, unabhängige Schweizer Hotel in Cusco ist gemütlich und besitzt eine eigene Atmosphäre. Es verfügt über 20 exquisit eingerichtete Zimmer, die mit einem einmaligen zentralen Heizsystem ausgestattet sind.


Ruhig gelegen in den Vorbergen des unberührten historischen Stadtviertels San Blas und nur 3 Blocks entfernt vom Hauptplatz mit seinen Restaurants and Souvenir Shops. Auβerdem nur 10 Minuten entfernt vom Flughafen Velasco Astete International und vom Bahnhof San Pedro, der nach Machu Picchu führt.


20 geschmackvoll eingerichtete Zimmer, vier mit Balkon, Holzböden, schalldicht Fenster, Rauchmelder, extra lange Betten (205 cm), Kabelfernsehen, Zentralheizung, Privatbad mit Badewanne oder Dusche. 


“El Mirador Restaurant & Bar” mit Dachterrasse und einem herrlichen Panoramablick oder „El Patio Restaurant“, umgeben von Steinsäulen und Holzbalkonen bieten beide internationale und regionale Küche an. 24-Stunden-Service.


Transport vom Flughafen sind inklusive nur wenn Sie uns ein email mindestens 48 Uhren in voraus senden. Kostenloser Coca Tee in unserem “El Patio Restaurant”, drahtlose Internetverbindung dank Wireless-Lan. Post-Service, Föhn und Schließfächer auf Anfrage. Sauerstoffzelt verfügbar. Doktor auf Anfrage. Wäsche-Service, Fax, Geldwechsel, Flug Reservierungsservice.

Kontaktieren Sie uns:

Tel: +51/84/26-4243 und +51/84/26-4244
Fax: +51/84/26-4211
E-Mail: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!
Internetseite: www.losapushotel.com





You will need your passport (of course) valid 6 months after your departure date from Peru. Within the country, for police identity controls, you will have to carry your passport around. NO OTHER IDENTITY DOCUMENT WILL BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION.


Peru has a very stable currency, the Nuevo Sol (New Sol), for the last five years. The approximate rate to the US$ is 3.10 for each American dollar. Please confirm the last rate available in order to avoid surprises.
The American dollar is accepted widely in medium and big businesses (hotels, restaurants, souvenirs shops). In small businesses you will need Peruvian soles.
The Euro currency is starting to be accepted, but only for currency exchange, not for paying for products or services.


  • Virgen de la Candelaria: February 2nd, Puno.
  • Grape Harvesting Time: March 8th , Pisco, Ica, Moquegua mostly.
  • Holy Week: March-April, nationwide. (Dates may vary)
  • Labor Day: May 1st, nationwide.
  • Virgen de Chapi’s Celebration: May 1st , Arquipa.
  • Lord of Qoyllur Riti: May 23rd, Cuzco.
  • Corpus Cristi: May 26th, Cuzco.
  • Inti Raymi: June 24th, Cuzco.
  • San Pedro y San Pablo: June 29th, nationwide.
  • Virgen del Carmen: July 16th, Paucartambo (Cuzco).
  • Peru Independence Day: July 28th, nationwide.
  • Santa Rosa de Lima: August 30th, nationwide.
  • Warachicuy: September 18th , Cuzco.
  • Angamos battle: October 7th, nationwide.
  • Lord of the Miracles: October 18th, Cuzco.
  • Bullfight season: October 29th for about 4 weekends, nationwide but mostly Lima (date may vary).
  • Creole Song’s day: October 31st, nationwide.
  • All Saint’s Day: November 1st, nationwide.
  • All Soul’s Day: November 2nd, nationwide.
  • Puno Day: November 5th, Puno.
  • Los Apus Hotel & Mirador anniversary: December 3rd, Hotel.
  • Inmaculate Conception: December 8th, nationwide.
  • Santurantikuy: December 24th, Cuzco


Health And Altitude Sickness

General health:

As you are in Peru you should only drink bottleled water and soft drinks. Avoid raw products (vegetables, salads, etc...) if you feel the kitchen is not clean enough.

Do not eat at street vendors (ambulantes), as their food may not be clean enough for you.

Pick up nice restaurants, you will be happy as we do have a very good and variated gastronomy, the experience is worth the price.

If you get sick, please check ASAP with a doctor.

Altitude sickness:

The day before your departure to Cuzco (3400 meters above the sea level), you should get a good night rest, avoiding excessive alcohol. Your body will need all its energy to compensate the lack of oxygen by pounding harder and adapting to the new situation.

As you arrive to Cuzco, you will experience a six hours delay until you will actually feel the effects of the altitude. Do not get confused, your breathing will be faster but this is not the effects I'm talking about. So do not get confident during those six hours and keep on with the recommendations:    -Check in to the hotel and drink coca leaves tea (free at our central patio, just help yourself!). This helps.

-Take a nice nap. This give your body the chance to adapt.

-Eat light the first day. Again, your body needs all the energy to adapt. The digestion take a lot of energy, if heavier food to digest, less energy to adapt.

-Do walk like a marathoners during the whole day, this takes energy too. Just walk around the Plaza de Armas and do some shopping, leave the rest for the upcoming days 

The following morning you should be all right.

IF you feel a strong a persistent headache, or feel like vomiting, call the front desk. We have an oxygen tank available for you as well as good doctors to call and check upon you. Don't wait and spoil your vacations in Cuzco!


  • Spanish is the official language all over Peru.
  • Quechua is spoken in the Andes but most of the people do speak Spanish.
  • English is mostly spoken in tourism related environment.

Don’t Forget

Be sure to bring both light (it gets hot on sunny days) and warm clothes (cold at night, specially in June and July), sun glasses (you are coming to the Capital of the Empire of the Sun....!).
-If you are planning to go to the Jungle (best choice), be sure to pack a strong sun protector as well as a strong insect repellant (you will need it!). In terms of clothing, very hot and humid weather is expecting you. Don't forget your binoculars, great amount of animal guarantee as monkeys, birds perhaps, if you are lucky even otorongos....

If going on the Inca Trail (second best choice), pack both warm and light clothes (you will walk from the Sacred Valley to 4200 mt. above the sea level-cold at night- and then down to the jungle-hot and humid-. Also pack good and used shoes (your toes will appreciate it). The trail is great but also hard, so pack chocolates for an extra amount of energy (trust me I did it!).


When reserving your seat on your flight from Lima to Cusco, ask for a window on the left side of the plane (great view of Cusco before the spectacular landing). On your return flight back to Lima, reserve a window on the right side of the plane.

Zugriffe: 7242

E-mail: info@losapushotel.com
Tel : ++51/84/26-4243
Fax: ++51/84/26-4211
Web page: www.losapushotel.com

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