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The four sites (Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo, Tambo Machay and Puka Pukara) are included in one day tour.

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The construction on its structure began during the 15th century by order of Inca Pachacutek but had not yet been completed upon the arrival of the Spaniards. A magnificent sample of Inca architecture, it has enormous walls of granite block forming three immense superimposed terraces in a zigzag pattern. It served religious, administrative and possibly military purposes. Its proximity to Cusco and the size of its stones (some five meters tall and weighing more than 300 tons) led to its use as a quarry for the construction of colonial Cusco. The annual Inti Raymi (Festival of the Sun) takes place here on June 24th.


Qenqo is about 4 km from Cuzco, on the Tambo Machay and Pisac road. It consists of a large limestone rock riddled with niches, steps, tunnels, altars and channels. These are not exactly ruins, but rather one of the finest examples of Inca stone carving in situ, especially inside the large hollowed-out stone that houses an altar.

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Puka Pukara:

This is an Inca fortress (Red fort) or surveillance point of the incoming visitors to Cuzco. It is worth visiting for the views alone.

Tambo Machay:

Still in excellent conditions, it is not sure what it was used for. For some a resting place, for others a Temple to the Water, due to the three ceremonial water fountains that still flows up to now.

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