Sacred Valley


hotel in cuzco and cuzco hotelsOnly 30 kilometers north of Cuzco lies the village of Pisac, with its super Inca ruins, perched precariously on the mountain side, high above the town and considered to be amongst the very finest Inca Ruins in the Sacred Valley of the incas. Pisac is home of a nice indian market on Sundays, as well an important ceremony in which the Varayocs (village Majors) from the rounding and highland villages participate in a Quechua Catholic mass in the Pisac Church.

Salt pans of Salinas (Maras):

Thousand of salt pans that have been used since the Inca times give you spectacular views to the Sacred Valley.

hotel in cuzco and cuzco hotels


Located 9 km from Maras, this site is worth a visit. The deep amphitheater like terracing is both fascinating and impressive spectacle. Each level has apparently a different micro climate. This is why it has been used as a crop laboratory to determine the optimal conditions of each species.


The only and unique remaining true Inca town you can find, and also can’t miss. Streets, water channels, houses, everything is breathtaking, like a journey into the past. The little village stands in front of the spectacular Inca ruins and its sixteen great terraces. Here you will find the finest carved stones of all Peru for a temple that was never finished, as the Incas had to abandon it as the Spaniards were approaching.

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